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can you have sloths as pets

Can You Have Sloths as Pets?

Sloths are unique and exotic animals, but can they make good pets? The short answer is no, sloths are wild animals and should not be kept in captivity.

Reasons to Not Have a Sloth as a Pet

  • Sloths are wild animals and require specialized care and resources that pet owners may not be able to provide.
  • Sloths are extremely sensitive to touch and unfamiliar environments which can lead to extreme stress and possible death.
  • The most important aspect of owning a sloth is that it is illegal; both by federal and state laws.

What to Consider Before Owning a Sloth

If you live in a country where it is legal to own a sloth, then there are a few things to consider before owning one.

  • Sloths require a specialized diet of leaves, fruits, and vegetables or high-fiber commercial diet.
  • It is important to meet and vet potential sellers to ensure that the sloths are being properly taken care of.
  • Sloths require tons of space and enrichment in their habitats, so you should have plenty of space to allow them to hang out, harmlessly explore and show natural behaviors.
  • Sloths require an experienced vet to ensure they are receiving proper health care and treatment.

In conclusion, sloths should not be kept as pets, as they are wild animals with specialized diets, needs, and habitats that can be difficult to provide. Additionally, it is illegal to own sloths in most countries.

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