Can You Keep Leopard Geckos Together


Can You Keep Leopard Geckos Together?

Leopard geckos, also known as Macularius, are one of the most commonly kept lizards as pets. They are known for being docile, easy-to-care-for, and relatively low maintenance, making them a great pet for both beginner and experienced reptile owners. But can you keep leopard geckos together?

Can You House Leopard Geckos Together?

The answer is yes, but it is important to be aware of a few potential issues that may arise. Most of the time, leopard geckos can live together peaceful in the same habitat. However, when there are multiple geckos housed together, they will often establish a hierarchical order, with one dominant gecko. They may establish dominance by chasing, head bobbing, and even biting the other geckos in their habitat.

How Many Leopard Geckos Can You House Together?

In general, it is suggested that no more than three male leopard geckos should be housed together and four to five females can be housed together. That said, if your leopard geckos are comfortable living together, you can house more together. It’s important to monitor their behavior and adjust the number of geckos being housed together, if needed.

Tips for Successful Co-habitation

When it comes to housing leopard geckos together, there are a few tips that can help ensure their successful co-habitation:

    • Provide Plenty of Space and Hiding spots – Make sure the habitat is spacious enough for each gecko to have their own space and provide ample hiding spots for all of them.


    • Feed Separately – To minimize competition, it’s suggested that all of the geckos in your habitat should be fed separately.


    • Regularly Check For Signs of Stress – Keep a keen eye out for any signs of stress in the geckos, such as fighting or chasing, and remove the affected animal from the habitat, if needed.



Yes, it is possible to house leopard geckos together, as long as you are mindful of their behaviors and make sure to provide them with sufficient space and hiding spots. By doing so, you can make sure that your leopard geckos have a safe and happy home for many years.

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