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can you touch a bearded dragons third eye

Can You Touch A Bearded Dragon’s Third Eye?

Bearded dragons have a feature that you may find quite intriguing – they have a so-called third eye, or parietal eye. It’s a small eye-like scale located on the top of their head between eye and ear. Most people ask, “Can you touch a bearded dragon’s third eye?”

What Is A Bearded Dragon’s Third Eye?

The third eye of a bearded dragon is a scale-like organ as opposed to a functional eye or one that can see. It’s mainly used to sense things and detect light, primarily for protection and orientation.

Should You Touch The Third Eye?

It is generally not a good idea to touch the third eye of a bearded dragon as this may upset or scare the animal, causing it to bite. Even with domesticated reptiles, it’s important to be careful not to touch their eyes as this can cause discomfort, disorientation, or even trauma. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of touching a bearded dragon’s third eye:

  • Habituation: Bearded dragons need time to get used to being handled before it is safe to touch their third eye. Make sure that your reptile is comfortable with you before you even think about touching its third eye.
  • Hand Orientation: Make sure your hand is oriented correctly so that you don’t accidentally bump into or touch the third eye. This delicate organ requires extra care.
  • Movement: When handling the bearded dragon, it is important to move slowly and carefully to avoid potential danger. Move your hand away quickly if you feel any resistance.


In conclusion, it is generally not a good idea to touch a bearded dragon’s third eye as this can cause unease and fear, leading to a defensive bite. If you do decide to handle your bearded dragon, make sure to do it slowly and carefully.

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