did jesus eat meat besides fish

Did Jesus Eat Meat Besides Fish?

The Gospels of Jesus’ life and teachings provide some clues as to whether or not Jesus ate meat in addition to fish.

We know from Scripture that Jesus likely consumed a diet that was typical of 1st Century Jews living in Galilee. Therefore, Jesus likely abstained from consuming unclean meats as outlined in the Law of Moses, such as pork, shellfish, and other animals not specifically approved for consumption.

Jesus’s Diet in the Scriptures

The Gospels make several references to Jesus eating meals composed of fish, bread, and of figs and olives. At the Last Supper, the disciples shared a meal of bread, wine, and lamb – a Passover tradition. On other occasions, Jesus accepted hospitality offered that included meat.

Meat in Jesus’ Culture

Throughout Scripture, meat is regularly eaten, often associated with hospitality and shared meals. Jesus, who was also Jewish, would undoubtedly have been expected to partake when attending or hosting similar gatherings, particularly during feasts and festivals, such as Passover.

The wider context of scripture

We know from the wider context of scripture that God instituted the dietary laws for his people to show mercy for animals, for health reasons, and for spiritual guidance. While abstaining from meat, Jesus Himself was a merciful, healthy and spiritual leader and example.


In conclusion, Jesus likely ate a mixture of fish, bread, and other foods usually associated with a diet of 1st Century Jews living during His time. On some occasions, Jesus likely ate meat but it may have been a rare occurrence.

We know from scripture that God intended to show mercy to animals and created His dietary laws with this in mind. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Jesus would have followed this type of diet, abstaining from certain meats and only eating meat in moderation.

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