Do Apartments Allow Reptiles


The Debate Around Keeping Reptiles as Pets in Apartments


Keeping reptiles as pets has been a matter of much debate for many years. Housing agencies, landlords, and apartment communities may all have restrictions on whether or not tenants may own a reptile. Here, we will take a look at the arguments for and against allowing reptiles as pets in apartments.

Arguments In Favour of Allowing Reptiles in Apartments:


    • Reptiles can provide companionship for those living alone


    • Reptiles can be easier to take care of than other animals (such as cats or dogs)


    • Reptiles are often quieter than other animals and require less attention


Arguments Against Allowing Reptiles in Apartments:


    • Reptiles require special heating and housing conditions which may not be allowed in an apartment


    • Reptiles can carry bacteria and diseases that can harm humans


    • Reptiles may present a risk of escape, damage to furnishings, or frightening other tenants


Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to allow tenants to keep reptiles in an apartment building is up to the housing agency or landlord. However, it is important to note that reptiles may pose some risks to both tenants and the property itself. As such, those considering keeping a reptile as a pet should take the time to research the pros and cons and talk to their landlord or housing agency for a final say.

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