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do bearded dragons and cats get along

Do Bearded Dragons and Cats Get Along?

It is not unusual for people who own cats and reptiles to cohabitate peacefully in the same household. However, it is important to keep in mind the nature of both animals and assure the safety of all family members by considering the following factors:

How to Introduce a Cat and a Bearded Dragon

  • Supervision: Most cats and reptiles do not understand one another and pose potential danger to each other. Supervise all interactions between the two animals and avoid leaving them unattended.
  • Size: Bearded dragons grow to a fairly large size and may view a cat as prey. Carefully monitor the size ratio between the two animals and the subsequent attention each animal receives.
  • Temperament: Consider the temperaments of both animals and adjust accordingly. Bearded dragons prefer to be handled much less than cats and can become stressed out if over-handled. Cats may also become agitated if not introduced to the reptile in a gradual and calm fashion.
  • Environment: Set up an environment that is safe and secure for both animals. Provide the cat with a safe place to hide and escape while providing the beardie with a secure space to retreat to if they become overwhelmed.

Can Bearded Dragons and Cats peacefully co-exist?

Yes, Bearded Dragons and cats can peacefully coexist in the same household. With proper supervision, temperamental care and suitable environment, the two animals can cohabitate safely and happily.

In the end, the safety of all family members must be a priority. Respecting the needs of both animals and maintaining patience with each animal throughout the introduction process is key to a successful bonding experience between a cat and a bearded dragon.

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