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Do Bearded Dragons Bond With Humans


Do Bearded Dragons Bond With Humans?

Bearded dragons are popular lizards often kept as pets, and are known for their friendly, inquisitive personalities and sweet dispositions. As their caregivers, it is natural to wonder if these delightful creatures form bonds with the humans in their lives, and the answer is yes!

The Human-Bearded Dragon Bond

Bearded dragons can become strongly attached to their humans by forming lasting bonds marked by:

    • Trust: Over time, bearded dragons learn to trust and depend on their human caregivers for food, water, and care.


    • Recognition: Many bearded dragon pet owners discover their cute pet knows their scent and appearance. When owners walk into a room, the dragon often turns to look at them.


    • Deep Respect: Bearded dragons often show respect to their human companions. For example, they may stop eating when the owner approaches.


In addition to forming strong bonds with their owners, bearded dragons can form friendships with other house pets as well, such as a cat or dog.

Bearded Dragon Bonding Tips

Forming bonds with your bearded dragon is easy and fun! Here are some tips to help foster their connection with you:

    • Talk softly to your bearded dragon. People sometimes forget that dragons can hear and even understand what is said to them.


    • Play interactive games together, like capture and hide-and-seek.


    • Designate a special treat for your bearded dragon. A little Parmesan cheese goes a long way when it comes to bonding!


    • Provide plenty of light, warmth, and affection.


    • Make sure the bearded dragon has a safe and comfortable place to rest.


So, if you are considering getting a bearded dragon for a pet, you can rest assured that these delightful creatures can and do bond with their human companions!

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