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do bearded dragons bond with humans

Do Bearded Dragons Bond With Humans?

Bearded dragons, also known as Pogona, are fascinating and loveable reptiles with a natural and gentle demeanor. Though these fascinating creatures can potentially bond with their owners, the degree of bonding and interaction differs from dragon to dragon.

The Benefits of Bonding With Your Bearded Dragon

Creating a bond with your bearded dragon has its many benefits, such as:

  • Improved overall wellness
  • Better communication
  • A stronger relationship

The key to building a strong bond with your dragon is to bond not only with your dragon, but with their environment too. Everything from the habitat setup and the food you feed them, to the type of toys, decoration and enrichment you offer all helps to create a bond between you and your dragon.

To replicate their natural habitat and make them feel safe, it’s important that you use all of the different elements of their environment to support your bond and build it further.

Bonding Activities For Bearded Dragons

The most direct method of forming a bond with your dragon is to handle them regularly, as they are highly amenable to handling. To initiate a strong bond with your dragon, it’s vital that you create a positive and safe experience for them when you handle them.

  • Using positive reinforcement – you can use food to encourage and reward your dragon when they are being safe, comfortable and behaving well.
  • Being gentle – providing a gentle and relaxed interaction with your dragon each time you handle them will encourage the relationship to grow.
  • Create a safe space – creating a safe environment ensures that your dragon won’t feel threatened.


Though it might take a while to gain your dragon’s trust, if you’re patient and use the tips mentioned above, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to form a strong bond with them. With patience and dedication, you will be able to create a strong connection with your beloved bearded dragon.

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