do bearded dragons eat worms

Do Bearded Dragons Eat Worms?

Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular reptile pets due to their fascinating personality and ease of care. One of the questions often asked by reptile owners is do bearded dragons eat worms?

Yes, Bearded Dragons Eat Worms!

Bearded Dragons can and often do eat worms as part of their regular diet. Their favorite types of worms are the following:

  • Mealworms
  • Earthworms
  • Waxworms
  • Silkworms

These worms can be found in pet stores or specialty Internet retailers. Worms should be offered to your bearded dragon as part of a balanced diet.

How Much Should Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded Dragons need an appropriate amount and quality of food to remain healthy and active. An adult bearded dragon should eat 2-3 times per week, while juveniles are recommended to be offered food 5-7 times per week. A healthy diet should consist of mostly vegetables, with a small amount of worms or insects. The worms and insects should be roughly the size of the space between the dragon’s eyes or smaller.

How to Feed the Worms to Your Bearded Dragon

When offering worms to your dragon, it is best to use tongs. This will reduce the chance of the dragon getting injured from the worm’s sharp ends. Once the worm is in the terrarium, it may take a few minutes for your dragon to realize that it is food. Be sure to watch the dragon to make sure that it catches and eats the worm in a timely manner.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Bearded Dragons can and do eat worms as part of their regular diet. Worms should be offered 2-3 times per week to adults, 5-7 times per week to juveniles, as part of a balanced diet. It is important to properly feed the worms using tongs, and to monitor your pet dragon to make sure that it eats the worms.

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