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do bearded dragons get along with cats

Do Bearded Dragons Get Along With Cats?

Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards, known for their ability to bond with humans. But what about their potential interactions with other household pets, like cats?


The short answer is that they’re not typically a good combination. For bearded dragons, much of their diet is made up of protein sources, like crickets and mealworms. This can be a major problem if a cat decides to share in the feast!

Bearded dragons may also not recognize cats as being household-appropriate. Instead, they may mistake them for predators and try to attack or bite. Additionally, cats may not handle the beard of a bearded dragon well—it can be seen as a challenge or a threat.

Unsafe Situations

It’s best to keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure away from your cats toys and food to avoid conflict. Access to the enclosure should also be limited, as cats may disturb the habitat or attempt to hunt the lizard, which could be dangerous.

Finally, cats have sharp claws, and can harm a bearded dragon if they get too close. Bearded dragon skin is very delicate, so cats should not be allowed to share the environment or come into contact with them.


In summary, while cats and bearded dragons may have the potential to get along, it’s best to keep them separated. This will reduce the stress on both pets, and keep them from potential harm.

If you’d like to keep both cats and bearded dragons and ensure the safety of both pets, here are a few tips:

  • Keep food sources away from cats to avoid them potentially attacking the lizards.
  • Limit access to the enclosure – cats may disturb the habitat or attempt to hunt the lizard.
  • Do not let cats come into contact with the bearded dragon – their delicate skin can be easily scratched or pierced.

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