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Do Bearded Dragons Grow Fast


Bearded Dragons Growth Rate

Do bearded dragons grow fast? Beardies have an average growth rate, but can reach their full size in 3-4 years. A dragon’s growth rate can be affected by a few different factors.

Factors That Affect A Bearded Dragon’s Growth Rate

    • Diet: Bearded dragons require a balanced diet for optimal growth. They should have a variety of bugs and vegetables. Offering supplements or vitamins can also help a bearded dragon reach its full size.


    • Environment: Beardies require a warm and dry environment to live in. Keeping humidity levels low and temperatures in a safe range will ensure optimal growth.


    • Genetics: Genetics play a major role in a beardie’s size and growth rate. Some breeds are known to reach their full size faster than others.


How To Grow A Bearded Dragon Faster

If you want to encourage your dragon to grow faster than the average rate, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow:

    • Provide A Vitamin-Rich Diet: Feed your bearded dragon a variety of nutritious foods that are high in protein and vitamins. An ideal diet should consist of bugs, greens, fruits, and the occasional treat.


    • Create An Ideal Environment: Give your dragon a safe environment that is warm, dry, and large enough for them to move around in. Keep humidity levels to a minimum and provide plenty of hiding spots.


    • Exercise: Provide your bearded dragon with plenty of exercise and opportunities to run around. This will help keep them healthy and active and promote faster growth.



Bearded dragons have an average growth rate, but their size and speed of growth can be affected by their diet, environment, and genetics. By providing a balanced diet and creating an ideal environment for them, you can help promote faster growth.

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