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Do Bearded Dragons Lay Eggs


What do Bearded Dragons Lay?

Bearded dragons, a species of lizard native to Australia, can make interesting companions to keep as pets. Understanding the reproductive process of these reptiles is important in providing the right environment for your pet. So, do bearded dragons lay eggs?

Bearded Dragons Reproductive Cycle

Bearded dragons usually reach maturity at 4-18 months of age. Reproduction is triggered by changes in temperature, season and length of daylight. When ready to mate, male and female bearded dragons will engage in behaviors like courtship dances, arm waving and head bobbing.

Males may also bite and wrestle with females to show dominance. After mating, the female bearded dragon will lay about 15 to 30 eggs.

Where do Bearded Dragons Lay Eggs?

The eggs are laid in a nest, which can be constructed from dirt, grass or other materials. The nest is usually made in an area with the desired temperature and humidity level.

When the eggs are laid, the female will cover them with dirt or other material. It is important to provide a comfortable and appropriate location for egg-laying—this can be done with a nesting box or a suitable commercial container.

Eggs Care and Hatching

Once in the nest, the female bearded dragon will no longer be responsible for the care of her eggs. To ensure the eggs make it to hatching, it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity in the area and to protect the eggs from predators.

Bearded dragon eggs typically take seven to eight weeks to hatch. At that time, the baby dragon’s claws, teeth and whiskers will be fully formed and they will be able to fend for themselves.


To sum it up, bearded dragons do lay eggs as part of their reproductive cycle. It is important to provide an appropriate location for egg-laying and to monitor temperature and humidity levels in the area for successful hatching.

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