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Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Cuddling ?

All pet owners love cuddling their beloved animals, but the question remains if bearded dragons enjoy being cuddled as much as their humans do. It is true that they are not as cuddly as other common pets such as cats and dogs, but they do have some behavior that might indicate that they do enjoy physical contact.

Bearded Dragon Comfort

Bearded dragons need a warm and comfortable place to rest, and for those who end up in a human home, that place can be the lap of their owner. If a bearded dragon chooses to rest on the lap or chest of their owner, this can be a comfortable position that takes advantage of the heat from the human, and of course it is also comforting for them to listen to a human heartbeat.

Calming Influence

When a bearded dragon is pet or cuddled, some pet owners might notice a calming effect. This is because the contact and petting releases endorphins in the reptile, making it less stressed and more likely to allow humans to interact with it.

Beard Twitching

Another indicator that bearded dragons may be enjoying cuddling is their signature beard twitch. This is the motion the beard makes when they are feeling comfortable and content. This response may signify that they like the contact.

Signs of Discomfort

However, there are also signs to look out for that may mean that your bearded dragon is not enjoying being cuddled. These include aggressive behavior, such as biting and hissing. They may also want to escape or try to curl up in defensive mode.

The Right Balance

In conclusion, bearded dragons most likely do not enjoy being cuddled in the same way as cats or dogs do. However, some activity such as petting and handling can be beneficial, as long as done in moderation. Too much contact could stress them out, so it is important to pay attention to the signs from your reptile, and always respect its need for space.

Tips for Careful Cuddling:

  • Be aware of the reptile’s needs and respect the signals they send
  • Handle them gently and take breaks to let them relax
  • Pay attention to the beard twitching, as this may signify they are comfortable
  • Look out for signs of aggression that may mean they need space

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