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Do Bearded Dragons Need Heat Lamps


Do Bearded Dragons Need Heat Lamps?

Bearded dragons, also called “Pogona”, are one of the most popular reptiles kept domestically as pets. They belong to the family agamidae, or Old World lizards, and are found in the drier, arid regions of Australia. A good quality enclosure and proper care is essential for keeping a healthy, happy bearded dragon. One of the most important pieces of equipment for bearded dragon keepers is a heat lamp.

Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Need Heat Lamps

    • Regulating Body Temperature: Bearded dragons need to regulate their body temperature. A heat lamp provides a regulated heating source that mimics their natural environment.


    • UVB Lamp: Along with a heat lamp, a UVB lamp will help simulate the effects of natural sunlight, enabling them to synthesize Vitamin D3, which is necessary for healthy bone development.


Tips for Proper Use of Heat Lamps

    • Avoid leaving a heat lamp on 24/7 – This can cause stress to your bearded dragon.


    • Mimic their natural environment – Make sure the temperature varies from cool to warm, and time the light to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.


    • Be cautious – Be aware of the possible dangers of a heat lamp and be sure to use one in a safe, proper way.



In conclusion, heat lamps are an essential component of a well-structured habitat for bearded dragons. Not only do they provide thermal regulation, they also provide Vitamin D synthesis and a natural environment that helps keep them healthy and happy. When used properly and safely, a heat lamp can be a great addition to your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

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