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Do Bearded Dragons Need Uva


Do Bearded Dragons Need UVA?

Bearded dragons are popular pets and, as such, it’s important to properly care for them. One care element for bearded dragons is UV radiation. But do bearded dragons need UVA in particular? Let’s find out!

What Is UVA?

UVA stands for “ultraviolet A” and is part of the next spectrum of light. Let’s dive a little deeper into UVA specifically:

    • Wavelength Range: 320–400 nanometers


    • Source: Sunlight


    • Benefits: Initiates vitamin D production, important for reptiles


Do Bearded Dragons Need UVA?

Yes, bearded dragons need UVA. UVA helps to initiate vitamin D production in the reptile’s body and is needed to properly absorb dietary calcium. Without adequate UVA exposure, bearded dragons can suffer from metabolic bone disease, which is caused by a lack of calcium.

How To Provide UVA For Your Bearded Dragons

Here’s how to provide UVA to your bearded dragon:

    • Set up a UVB light in the reptile’s enclosure. These lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types. Bulbs need to be changed every 6-12 months.


    • Include a surface material that reflects UVB rays, such as white sand.


    • Allow natural light exposure, if possible. Place the enclosure in a spot that allows for a few hours of sunlight.



Bearded dragons need UVA in order to help their bodies absorb dietary calcium. To ensure your bearded dragon gets enough UVA,-install a UVB light, include a white sand substrate, and take advantage of natural sunlight when possible.

When properly cared for, bearded dragons can live happy and healthy lives!

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