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do bearded dragons need water bowls

Do Bearded Dragons Need Water Bowls?

Bearded dragons, also known as Pogonas, are one of the most popularly kept pet lizards in the world due to their friendly, personable nature and varied diet. Properly caring for your bearded dragon includes providing adequate environmental temperatures, UV light, and hydration. But do bearded dragons need water bowls?

Yes, Bearded Dragons Need Access To Fresh Water

Bearded dragons need access to clean, fresh water at all times in order to stay properly hydrated and healthy. Although it’s true that they consume most of their hydration from the insects they eat, just like any other living, breathing creature, they need water too. Provide your bearded dragon with a shallow water bowl in his or her habitat, or even multiple bowls stationed throughout the enclosure for maximum accessibility.

Water Bowl Tips

  • Change water daily. Keep your bearded dragon’s water bowl clean by refreshing the water each day. This will ensure no bacteria forms inside the bowl and the water remains clean and cool for your pet.
  • Make sure the bowl is shallow. A shallow bowl is best for keeping bearded dragons hydrated. If the bowl is too deep, they will not be able to climb into it and may fall in and be unable to get out.
  • Place a sturdy bowl in the habitat. Bearded dragons like to climb on everything, so make sure the water bowl is securely positioned in the habitat to avoid the risk of the bowl being toppled over and the contents spilled out.
  • Avoid accessible rocks. Try to keep water bowls away from any accessible rocks or perches, as bearded dragons often rub up against these surfaces, often resulting in the bowl’s contents being spilled out.


Although it is true that bearded dragons get some of their hydration from the insects they in their diets, they require access to fresh water at all times for proper hydration and health. Make sure to provide your bearded dragon with a shallow water bowl and always keep it clean and changed daily. This small effort will ensure your pet is properly hydrated and lived a healthy, happy life.

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