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Do Bearded Dragons Swim?

Bearded Dragons are a type of lizard native to Australia. While they don’t naturally face much water in the wild, they can be trained to swim with the help of their owners.

The Benefits of Swimming for Bearded Dragons

Swimming has some great benefits for Bearded Dragons, both physical and mental:

  • Physical Exercise: Bearded Dragons get most of their exercise from climbing, but a change in movement can help to keep your pet fit and healthy.
  • Mental Stimulation: Swimming gives your bearded dragon something new to do, stimulating its mind and preventing boredom.
  • Cool Down: Swimming can help your pet cool down to the right temperature, which is especially important in hot months.
  • Relaxation Time: Spending time in water is calming for bearded dragons and can help to provide some much-needed relaxation.

How to Train a Bearded Dragon to Swim

When training a Bearded Dragon to swim, it’s important to take it slow and build their confidence over time. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Choose a Calm Location: Start by finding a small pool with shallow, calm water that won’t scare your dragon.
  • Introduce Slowly: Set the pool up in a place that your dragon is comfortable and let them approach it at their own pace. You can start by gently scooping them into the water and moving them around with a spoon.
  • Praise Success: When your dragon shows signs of enjoying the water, give them plenty of praise and rewards.
  • Short Sessions: Initially, keep training sessions to small chunks of five minutes a day and watch for signs of stress.
  • Stay Patient: Training a Bearded Dragon to swim takes time and patience but it can be very rewarding.


Bearded Dragons can benefit from swimming, providing them with a form of exercise and mental stimulation. With patience and rewards, owners can train their pet to enjoy the water.

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