do box turtles live in water

Do Box Turtles Live in Water?

Box turtles are some of the most popular pet turtles in the world. But do these land-dwelling creatures actually like to spend any time in water?

Box Turtle Adaptations

These unique reptiles have adapted to living largely on land and are able to come out of the water for breaths of fresh air. They have a unique hinged shell that allows them to move their body parts in and out of the water easily. They also have incredibly powerful legs for walking.

Do Box Turtles Live in Water?

Though box turtles technically can live in water, they would prefer not to. Their body isn’t designed to withstand too much time in water and they can struggle to stay afloat. Most box turtles that live in the wild don’t spend much time in the water, if at all.

Where Can Box Turtles Ideal Habitats?

Box turtles prefer environments that are dry and warm, with plenty of cover and places to hide. They will spend most of their time among leaf litter, soft soil, and areas of vegetation. Ponds and streams might provide these creatures with a source of water and a place to hunt for food, though they won’t view it as a habitat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, box turtles may be able to live in water for brief periods of time, but their bodies are not designed for it. These creatures need dry, warm environments in order to thrive. If you want to provide the best environment for your pet box turtle, it’s important to never leave them in water for extended periods of time.

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