do bunnies and hamsters get along

Can Bunnies and Hamsters Get Along?

No one can deny the cuteness of hamsters and bunnies! It’s only natural to wonder if these small and furry friends can coexist in the same space.

Pros of Keeping Them Together

  • It’s Cost-Effective – One cage can house both animals. This eliminates the need to purchase two separate cages.
  • It Stimulates Conversation – When guests come to visit, it’s fun to compare and contrast the hamster’s and rabbit’s personalities.
  • It’s Entertaining – Watching the two animals play and interact with each other can be a very entertaining way to spend time.

Cons of Keeping Them Together

  • The Size Is Too Small – Even the largest cages are too small for both animals. This can lead to fights over territory and resources.
  • The Different Dietary Requirements – Bunnies and hamsters have different dietary requirements. It’s difficult to provide both animals with the correct nutrition when they are in the same space.
  • Potential Risk of Disease – Because their species are different, there’s a risk that one animal could catch a disease from the other. This is especially true if they share the same food.


The answer to the question of whether bunnies and hamsters can get along is it depends! If you are able to provide them with the right environment and diet, it is possible for them to coexist in the same space. However, if you’re not careful it could lead to fights and disease.

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