Do Cats and Rabbits Get Along


Do Cats and Rabbits Get Along?

Do Cats and Rabbits Get Along Cats and rabbits may often be seen living and playing together in many households around the world. But can these two animals truly get along?

Many people believe that cats and rabbits should not live together. This could be due to the fact that cats are natural predators, while rabbits are prey. In the wild, cats would hunt and feast on rabbits, so it is understandable why some see the pairing of a cat and a rabbit as unnatural.

Observing Animal Behavior

Despite any preconceived notions you might have, cats and rabbits can generally coexist in harmony when properly introduced and supervised. One major key to a successful pairing of cats and rabbits is to pay close attention to the animals’ body language. If the cat is exhibiting signs of aggression, the rabbit should be immediately separated from the situation.

Proper Introductions

It is important to make proper introductions when placing cats and rabbits in the same space. Start by separating them and allow them to get used to each other’s scent by placing toys and beds near each other. It also helps if the rabbits are comfortable with being picked up and petted.

Creating a Safe Space

In order to make sure that cats and rabbits can coexist peacefully, it’s important to make sure they have their own safe spaces. This means providing a litter box for the cat and separate spaces for the rabbit.

In addition, make sure that the rabbit has access to places that are off-limits to the cat. This can be done by placing a baby gate or other barrier to create a separate space.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Signs that cats and rabbits are getting along include:

    • Snuggling: Cats and rabbits may curl up together for a nap or cuddle during playtime.


    • Grooming: Cats may show signs of affection by grooming the rabbit, such as licking or nibbling.


    • Playing: Cats and rabbits may play together and chase each other around the house.


In conclusion, cats and rabbits can generally get along, as long as the proper introductions and safe spaces are provided. For cat and rabbit owners, it is important to remain vigilant and observe the animals’ behavior in order to ensure their safety.

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