do cats attack rabbits

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

Cats and rabbits can sometimes live in the same household, but cats are predators and rabbits are prey. That means it can be dangerous for a rabbit to live with a cat, even if both are domesticated animals.

Will Cats Hunt Rabbits?

Yes, cats can hunt and kill rabbits. Even if a cat is not hungry, it may still view a rabbit as a potential meal or fun plaything. If the rabbit runs away, this may prompt the cat to give chase and the chasing may inadvertently result in the death or injury of the rabbit.

What Can I Do to Keep My Rabbit Safe?

If you need to keep both a cat and a rabbit in the same home, there are several steps you can take to ensure the safety of your rabbit:

  • Maintain separation between the cat and the rabbit. A physical barrier between the two animals will ensure that the rabbit is safe and the cat is not tempted to give chase.
  • Keep the rabbit’s enclosure secure. If the rabbit is in an indoor enclosure, it may be tempted to try and leave in order to explore when the cat is present. Make sure the enclosure is completely secure.
  • Keep the cat entertained. The cat may hunt out of boredom or curiosity, so provide the cat with interactive toys to keep it occupied.
  • Supervise all interactions. If you must allow the animals to interact, make sure you are nearby to intervene if needed.

In short, cats can attack rabbits and it is not wise to allow them to be together unsupervised. With some simple steps, you can provide both your cat and your rabbit with a safe and happy home.

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