do cats eat geckos

Do Cats Eat Geckos?

Cats can eat some animals, including Geckos. However, cats must never be given wild animals to eat as they can easily acquire illnesses or parasites from them.

Feeding Cats Geckos

If you feed your cat wild animals, it is essential that:

  • The animal is caught, cooked, and thoroughly inspected for parasites before letting your cat consume it;
  • You are sure the species is safe for cats to eat;
  • The animal has not been fed any insecticides or drugs;
  • The gecko is small enough for the cat to consume in one sitting.
  • You feed the gecko in moderation, as a treat rather than as a meal.

It is also important to check that there are no harmful parasites sharing the gecko’s habitat.

Risks of Feeding Cats Geckos

The risks of feeding cats geckos include:

  • Parasites – cats can easily become infected with parasites through eating wild animals;
  • Illness – raw meat contains harmful bacteria that can make your cat sick;
  • Poisoning – some geckos may have been exposed to insecticide, drugs, or other toxins.

Remember that cats are carnivorous animals and should have a diet mainly composed of animal protein. As a general rule, they do not need wild animals in their diet as they can easily acquire illnesses or parasites from them.


In conclusion, cats can eat geckos but it is not recommended. Wild animals should not be given to cats as treats as they can acquire illnesses or parasites from them. If you decide to feed geckos to your cat, it is essential that you follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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