do cats have a sense of time

Do Cats Have a Sense of Time?

The short answer is: yes, cats have a sense of time.


Cats are able to tell the difference between short amounts of time and long amounts of time. For example, cats can tell when it’s close to their mealtime. They can tell if it has been a few minutes, or a few hours since they last ate.

Cats can also recognize patterns in events and anticipate them. This means that cats are able to recognize when something is going to happen and when it’s not going to happen. For example, cats may come to the door in anticipation of you coming home, or they may show signs of excitement when they recognize something associated with a special activity they enjoy.

Cats also have an excellent sense of time when it comes to their internal clocks. Cats can become active and alert at the same time every day, and this is why many cats are so affectionate and vocal in the morning or at night.

How Can Owners Help Their Cats?

  • Stick to a Schedule: Make sure that cats get fed, go to the bathroom, and get playtime at the same time each day. This can help them adjust to a routine and get used to the idea of time passing.
  • Play with Your Cat: Playing with your cat can help them with mental stimulation and help them recognize patterns in events. Interactive toys like laser pointers are great for cats. Regular playtime can help cats to understand the passing of time and can also help keep them active.


Cats definitely have a sense of time. They can recognize patterns in events and are able to tell the difference between short periods of time and long periods of time. Owners can help their cats understand the concept of time by sticking to a routine and playing with their cats regularly.

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