Do Cats Hunt Snakes


Do Cats Hunt Snakes?

Every cat-owner wonders if cats hunt snakes. The answer is yes, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see your beloved pet in action.

Biology of Snake Hunting

Cats are natural-born hunters. They have the skills and instincts necessary to track, stalk and bite or claw their prey. In terms of snakes, their biology often gives them the upper-hand. Cats can see in the dark better than most snakes, they can also pick up the scent of a snake easily.

Reasons Cats Hunt Snakes

There are a few reasons why cats may choose to hunt a snake.

    • Self-defence: Cats have smaller frames than most snakes and may see snakes as a threat. If a cat feels scared or cornered by a snake, it may choose to attack it.


    • Curiosity: Cats are naturally curious animals and may become intrigued by a snake’s movement or odd pattern.


    • Hunger: The most likely reason cats hunt snakes is to fulfill their hunger. Snakes are a good source of food for cats and often easy to catch thanks to their slow speed.


Risks of Snake Hunting

Though cats may be able to take down small non-venomous snakes, they are at risk of injury when they go up against larger ones. Venomous snakes also pose a greater risk to cats as their bites are much more dangerous. If a cat starts to hunt snakes regularly, it’s best to consult an animal behaviorist to ensure the cat’s safety.

In conclusion, it is not common to witness cats hunting snakes in the wild, but it does happen due to their natural skills and instincts. If cats choose to hunt snakes, it typically is for hunger, defense or curiosity. It’s important to keep an eye on cats when they encounter snakes and to remember that it can be dangerous for cats to hunt them.

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