do cats kill snakes

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

Snakes can be dangerous creatures and can occasionally be found in areas with cats. It’s natural to wonder if cats can kill snakes. Fortunately, cats are usually too small to kill a fully grown snake, but they may be able to protect themselves if they find one in their vicinity.

How Can Cats Protect Themselves?

If a cat comes across a snake they may hiss, swat at it, or try to grab it. If they do manage to grab the snake, it could be dangerous for a cat, especially if the snake bites or wraps itself around the cat in an attempt to escape the grips of their predator.

Do Snakes Pose a Threat to Cats?

In general, snakes pose a minimal threat to cats. Snakes tend to avoid contact with cats, so cats rarely need to actively go out of their way to protect themselves.

Cats and Snake Repellents

Some people opt to use snake repellents, like certain plants or chemical repellents, to keep snakes out of their gardens or pet-friendly areas. Certain plants like marigolds, chives, and garlic can be planted to ward off unwanted visitors like snakes and even bugs. Chemical repellents may also be an option, however, these should be used with caution as they can be harmful to cats and other pets.


Despite the fact that cats can’t typically kill snakes, cats can generally defend themselves if they come across one. If you’re worried about your cat encountering a snake, try using a repellent that is safe for cats or encourage your cat to stay away from areas where snakes are commonly found.

Remember: Always check with your vet or a licensed pet expert if you have questions about keeping your pet safe from snakes or any potential threats.

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