do cats pant like dogs

Do cats pant like dogs?

Panting is a way of cooling off as it helps animals to evaporate moisture from the tongue and mouth, allowing air exchange and helping to cool down their body. Although not as common as it is for dogs, cats do pant too.

Cats Pant To Cool Off

Panting is one way cats cool off when they are too hot – either from being in a hot environment or from overexertion from exercise. Cats do not have sweat glands like humans do, so their primary mechanism for cooling off is by panting, or by licking their fur to generate a small cooling evaporative effect.

Panting Can Also Be A Sign Of Stress

In some cases, cats may pant because they are stressed. Other signs of stress in cats include drooling, rapid breathing, hiding, and being very vocal. Generally, stressed cats experience panicked behavior, so if you notice your cat rapidly panting, it’s important to determine the cause of their distress.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Panting

If your cat is panting excessively, it’s important to take steps to help them calm down and cool off. Here are some tips:

  • Move your cat to a cool environment: Find a cool spot in your house for your cat to relax. A concrete basement, tiled floor, or air-conditioned space can provide relief from the heat. Turn on some fans or open the windows to help increase air flow.
  • Provide plenty of water: Make sure your cat always has access to water. If the water is in a bowl designed for cats, use only cold or lukewarm water. This will help cool down your cat while they drink.
  • Use a wet towel: Wet a towel with lukewarm water and apply it to your cat’s stomach, legs, and neck. Do not apply the towel over the face or eyes. This helps lower the cat’s body temperature.
  • Visit the veterinarian: If your cat continues to pant excessively, or if you notice any other signs of distress, it’s best to take your cat to the veterinarian.

In summary, although cats pant far less than dogs, they still do pant in certain circumstances. If you notice your cat panting, take steps to help empower them cool off.

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