do corn snakes have fangs

Do Corn Snakes Have Fangs?

Corn snakes, or Pantherophis guttatus, are a type of nonvenomous rat snake. These snakes are well known for their beautiful coloring and patterns. They are a popular species of pet snake, and well regarded for their even temperaments. Many people may be wondering if corn snakes have fangs.

What are Fangs?

Fangs are a type of elongated teeth found in certain species of animals. Venomous snakes, such as cobras, use their fangs to inject venom into their prey. Nonvenomous snakes, however, do not have any use for their fangs.

Do Corn Snakes Have Fangs?

Yes, corn snakes do have fangs. Like all other snakes, the corn snake has a specialized mouth for catching and eating prey. They have a pair of enlarged teeth located at the rear of their upper jaw. These teeth are referred to as “fangs,” even though they are not used to inject venom like venomous species of snakes.

Other Features of Corn Snakes

While corn snakes may lack venom, they still have other tools that help them capture prey. Corn snakes have several adaptations for hunting, such as:

  • Sharp Teeth – Corn snakes have sharp teeth on either side of their upper and lower jaw, which help them grip their prey while they swallow it whole.
  • Heat Sensors – Corn snakes have special sensory receptors on their head which can detect the heat of potential prey.
  • Flexible Jaw – Corn snakes have a highly flexible jaw which allows them to open their mouth wide enough to swallow their prey whole.

Corn snakes may not have venom, but they more than make up for it with their impressive array of predatory adaptations. While their fangs may not be used to inject venom, this does not make them any less of an impressive snake.

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