do crabs eat turtles

Do Crabs Eat Turtles?

Crabs are usually thought of as scavengers, but do they actually eat turtles? Ultimately, the answer is no. It is rare for a crab to feed on a turtle or any other larger animal, as crabs generally consume smaller organisms or organic material, including algae and plants.

What Exactly Do Crabs Eat?

Crabs generally stick to a diet of smaller organisms and organic material. This can include:

  • Smaller crustaceans, like barnacles and amphipods
  • Small fish
  • Invertebrates
  • Algae
  • Plants
  • Detritus

This diet varies between crab species, but most crabs will stick to these types of food. They are usually scavengers, meaning that they will consume decaying organic material or anything else that is available.

Do Crabs Eat Turtle Eggs?

Crabs may occasionally eat turtle eggs if they come across them. Larger crab species, such as blue crabs and king crabs, may be more likely to hunt turtle eggs.

Do Crabs Eat Baby Turtles?

It is incredibly rare for a crab to feed on a baby turtle or any other larger organism. Crabs are generally small and tend to stick to smaller prey, so it is unlikely that they would attempt to pursue a potentially dangerous baby turtle.


In conclusion, crabs generally don’t eat turtles and likely will not encounter them in their day-to-day lives. Although crabs may be opportunistic and consume turtle eggs if they come across them, it is highly unlikely that they will hunt for or pursue baby turtles or other larger animals.

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