do fish bite before a storm

Do Fish Bite Before a Storm?

Do fish bite before a storm? It certainly depends on the type of fish and the weather patterns, but there are definitely some tips and tricks that can help you to catch more fish before a storm.

Tips for Fishing Before a Storm

  • Be Aware of the Weather: Knowing the forecast before you head out will tell you what to look for. For example, if a large storm is coming, you should scour for areas where the water is roiling due to the pending weather.
  • Fish Deep: When there’s a storm coming, the fish usually head to deeper waters where they take shelter from the strong winds and rain. If you want to maximize your chances of catching fish, you should fish in waters that are 8 feet deep or deeper.
  • Try Different Types of Bait: Different types of bait can work better in different conditions. When there’s a storm coming, it’s a good time to try baits like crayfish, minnows, or trout worms that attract fish living deep underwater.
  • Move to Sheltered Areas: When the storm comes, the fish will likely move to the coves and inlets that are sheltered from the wind and waves. If you want to catch more fish, consider moving to these sheltered areas to give yourself a better chance.
  • Use Bigger Baits: When there’s a storm coming, the fish might attack bigger prey, so it can be a good idea to switch to bigger baits when the conditions are worsening. The larger baits can help to draw in fish that would normally be wary of the storm.


It’s definitely possible to catch fish before a storm, but you should be aware of the changing conditions and use the tips above to give yourself the best chance. Have fun and be safe!

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