Do Fish Yawn


Do Fish Yawn?

It may seem that only humans get a little drowsy sometimes, but do fish actually yawn as a sign of tiredness?

What is Yawning?

Yawning is an innate reflex which is present in many species of animals, including humans. It involves the rhythmic opening and closing of the mouth, the inhalation of air and then the exhalation of air. Yawning is generally perceived to be a sign of tiredness and boredom, but it can also occur as a sign of distress.

Do Fish Yawn?

Research has suggested that fish do yawn, both in a laboratory setting and also in their natural habitat. The yawning action has been observed when fish have been placed in a new environment or when they have been subject to new stimuli.

Studies have suggested that the sleep patterns of fish mammals are quite similar, and that yawning can be a sign of increased levels of fatigue. This could be due to the fact that fish are more active during the day and therefore need more sleep at night, just like humans.

In addition to this, researchers have also suggested that yawning in fish could be a reaction to stress. The yawning action could be the fish’s way of trying to reduce the amount of stress or anxiety that the fish is feeling.


So, do fish yawn? It is likely that fish do yawn, but the purpose of this behavior is still not fully understood. It may be a sign of tiredness, or it may be a reaction to stressful situations. Either way, it appears that this innate reflex is not limited just to humans!

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