Do Frogs Eat Fruit


Do Frogs Eat Fruit?

Do Frogs Eat Fruit In general, frogs have a varied diet. While some frogs eat meat in the form of insects, others are mostly herbivorous and subsist largely on a diet of fruit.

Frog Species That Eat Fruit

Frogs that eat fruit include the:

    • Poison Dart Frog


    • Harlequin Toad


    • Brown Tree Frog


    • Cane Toad


    • Toothed Frog


These fruit-eating frogs will consume whatever fruit they can get their hands on, including wild fruits and modern-day fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges.

Do Frogs Prefer Certain Fruits?

Most frogs are not fussy eaters and will consume whatever fruit is available in the wild. However, some more finicky species may have a preference for certain fruits. For example, the Cane Toad enjoys native wild fruits such as pawpaw, guava, or desert species such as the wanyi fruit.

The Benefits of Eating Fruit for Frogs

Fruit provides frogs with valuable nutrients and vitamins. While it can be harder for frogs to digest than insects, it still provides them with essential energy and strengthens their immune systems.

Fruit also helps to keep frogs naturally hydrated. This is important as it helps to keep their skins from drying out and helps to flush out any toxins from their bodies.


In conclusion, many frog species consume fruit as part of their routine diet. While the specifics may differ between the various frog species, in general, frogs are likely to eat any type of fruit that is available to them.

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