do frogs have balls

Do Frogs Have Balls?

There is a common misconception that frogs lack male reproductive organs – but do they really lack testicles?

External Genitalia

On first inspection, frogs appear to lack genitalia, but this is simply because the reproductive organs are located on the inside rather than the outside of their bodies.

Male Reproductive Organs

Frogs do have male reproductive organs, however they are not the same as human testicles. Instead, frogs possess:

  • A pair of seminal sacs
  • A pair of matching testes
  • A copulatory organ called an “intromittent organ”

These organs enable the frog to release sperm through the intromittent organ, an organ found in males of most Anura (frogs and toads) species.

Testosterone Production

In some frog species, testosterone is produced in the same glands that produce semen. This hormone is responsible for stimulating bully behavior, aggression, and courtship.

In conclusion, frogs do have balls – just not in the way most people think. Instead of external testicles, frogs possess internal reproductive organs that allow them to reproduce.

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