do frogs have webbed feet

Do Frogs Have Webbed Feet?

Frogs are among the most diverse of animals and occur in diverse habitats across the world. One of their most well-known adaptations is the presence of webbed feet, but what exactly is webbing?

What is Webbing?

Webbing is a thin membrane of skin that stretches between the digits on the feet of frogs, allowing them to move quickly through water and can also help them to build a good grip on wet surfaces.

Do All Frogs Have Webbed Feet?

The short answer is no, not all frogs have webbing between their digits. The presence of webbed feet varies between species, but generally most frogs found in aquatic habitats will have webbed feet.

So What Frogs Don’t Have Webbed Feet?

Some frogs that don’t have webbed feet include:

  • Tree frogs – Tree frogs live high off the ground, often in rainforest canopies, and don’t need the webbing to move around
  • Burrowing frogs – Burrowing frogs spend most of their time underground and so don’t need webbed feet
  • Dendrobatids – This family of frogs have quite weak hind limbs and don’t have webbed feet


To conclude, webbed feet are a common adaptation among frogs living in aquatic environments, however not all frogs have webbed feet. Tree frogs, burrowing frogs, and dendrobatids are just some of the species that don’t have webbed feet.

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