Do Garter Snakes Eat Fish


Do Garter Snakes Eat Fish?

Garter snakes are capable of eating many different foods, including fish. Though fish may not be the preferred diet for garter snakes, they can consume fish under certain conditions.

Conditions for Fish Consumption

Garter snakes should only consume fish when other options are not available. Live fish should only be consumed if they are small and added as an occasional snack.

When feeding a garter snake fish:

    • Only offer live fish if the snake is comfortable with it.


    • Do not overfeed fish.


    • Do not feed fish if other food options are available.


    • Fish should be small enough for the snake to swallow.


    • Dead fish should not be offered.


Benefits of Eating Fish for Garter Snakes

Fish provides a great source of protein and other essential nutrients for garter snakes. In the wild, fish are a viable prey source for garter snakes, so it is beneficial to offer a wild-caught or farm-raised fish as an occasional snack.


Although garter snakes can eat fish, it should only be offered when other food sources are not available. It is important to ensure that the fish are small and appropriate for the size of the snake. Fish can provide a great source of nutrition when given in moderation.

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