Do Geckos Carry Diseases


Do Geckos Carry Diseases?

As fascinating as geckos are, their cuteness does not equate to immune to all diseases. While most are healthy, disease-free pets, there are some diseases and health concerns that pet owners should be aware of.

Common Health Concerns

Geckos may suffer from a few common conditions, including:

    • Metabolic Bone Disease: This condition affects the skull, spine and limb bones, making them weak and often curved as a result of improper nutrition or calcium deficiency.MBD is preventable with a balanced diet.


    • Respiratory infections: These infections are caused by poor ventilation in cages, overcrowding, and lack of humidity.


    • Mites and Parasites: These may be present on the skin or in the intestines. They can be identified through visual examination, or through an examination by a veterinarian.


Preventing Disease

The key to preventing gecko health issues is providing proper care. This includes:

    • A large, well-ventilated enclosure


    • A healthy and nutrient-rich diet


    • Clean environments and water


    • Regular check-ups with a veterinarian


It is also important to watch for any signs of illness, such as weight loss, lethargy, and low alertness. If any of these signs are present, be sure to take your gecko to the veterinarian for a checkup and treatment.

Do Geckos Carry Diseases?

In short, yes. Geckos are not immune to all diseases, though they can be generally healthy pets. Be sure to follow the guidelines above to ensure your gecko’s health and safety. If any signs of ill health are present, take your gecko to a veterinarian immediately.

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