Do Geckos Eat Ants


Do Geckos Eat Ants?

Geckos are lizards that are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. In general, these lizards are insectivorous, meaning their diet consists mostly of insects. But do geckos eat ants?

What is in a Gecko’s Diet?

Geckos typically eat invertebrates such as spiders, flies, crickets, and mosquitos. They also may eat some plant matter, but the vast majority of their diet is insect-based.

Do Geckos Eat Ants?

Yes, geckos do eat ants. Ants contain a lot of protein and are an important food source for geckos. Some species of gecko, such as the Mediterranean house gecko, will actively hunt ants and other insects. However, the majority of the time, geckos will simply wait for ants or other insects to come within their reach and snatch them up if they get close enough.

Benefits of Eating Ants

Ants are an important part of a gecko’s diet because they are nutritional and provide calcium, phosphorus, and other important minerals. Ants are also high in protein, which helps fuel geckos’ active lifestyles.

Other Insects Geckos Eat

In addition to ants, geckos also consume a variety of other insects, including:

    • Moths


    • Spiders


    • Flies


    • Beetles


    • Crickets


    • Grasshoppers


    • Mealworms


    • Scorpions


Though they may eat other insects, ants are generally a staple of geckos’ diets. Geckos usually consume around 10-20 ants per day depending on the size of the lizard.


In conclusion, yes, geckos do eat ants. Ants contain many nutrients like protein and calcium that geckos need to stay healthy. Geckos may actively hunt ants, but they also wait for ants to come close before pouncing on them. Ants are not the only insect geckos eat, but they are an important part of their diet.

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