do geckos have bones

Do Geckos Have Bones?

Geckos are incredibly interesting creatures that have many unique features. One of the features people often wonder about is if geckos have bones. Read on to find out.

Gecko Anatomy

Geckos are reptiles classified as lizards. They are characterized by a generally docile nature and vertical pupil-like eyes. Also, geckos are known for their incredible climbing ability with special toe pads that enable them to scale walls and ceilings.

Do Geckos Have Bones?

The answer to this question is yes! Geckos do have bones, however, their skeletal structure is quite unique. Instead of having a rigid skeleton like other reptiles, geckos possess a flexible skeleton made up of cartilage and connective tissues – not bone.

Other Unique Gecko Features

In addition to having a flexible skeleton, geckos also possess many other unique features:

  • Flaky Skin: Unlike other lizards, geckos have skin that is covered in small flakes that flake off when they are handled.
  • Heat Tolerance: Geckos are able to live in temperatures that other lizards would find too hot.
  • Appendages: Instead of the usual feet, geckos have several blunt toes, like those of a bird, which make it easier for them to climb.


Geckos are incredibly interesting creatures that possess features that are both unique and fascinating. They do have bones, but not as rigid as other reptiles and more flexible due to cartilage and connective tissues. Geckos also have several other unique features like flaky skin, heat tolerance, and blunt toes that aid in their climbing.

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