do geckos shed

Do Geckos Shed?

Most pet owners are familiar with the concept of shedding, but do geckos shed? The short answer is yes, geckos do shed their skin.

How Often Do Geckos Shed?

Most geckos shed as often as once a month, though it can vary from species to species and depending on the age of the gecko. Young geckos may shed more often than adults.

Why Do Geckos Shed?

Geckos shed their skin for several reasons. As the gecko grows older, their skin will not grow with them, so they need to shed to make room for a larger fit. Shedding also helps replenish the gecko’s protective scales and helps repair any skin damage that may have occurred.

How Do You Know If Your Gecko Is Shedding?

When your gecko is shedding, you may notice that they are more sluggish and hesitant to move. You may also see patches of pale or clear scales in the place of their usually vibrant scales. In the days leading up to the shed, you may also notice their eyes turning a cloudy white color.

How Can You Help Your Gecko Shed?

To help your gecko shed you can:

  • Humidity: Increase the humidity in the gecko’s enclosure by misting the walls, furnishing, and substrate with a water bottle or spray bottle.
  • Bathing: Provide a weekly lukewarm bath for 5-15 minutes to help loosen the old skin.
  • Gentle Rubbing: Use a damp, soft cloth to gently rub your gecko’s skin.
  • Reptile Shedding Aid: You can use reptile shedding aids, available at pet stores, to help treat tough-to-remove patches.


Geckos do shed, but it will vary species to species and depend on the age of the gecko. It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of shedding to ensure your gecko stays healthy and comfortable. With the proper humidity and a weekly bath, you can help your gecko shed more easily.

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