do geckos sleep with their eyes open

Do Geckos Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

Geckos are among the most unique and interesting reptiles in the world. One thing many people wonder about these elegant little lizards is whether they sleep with their eyes open or closed, like humans do. Let’s take a look at the answer.

Can Geckos Sleep With Their Eyes Open or Closed?

Yes, geckos can sleep with either their eyes open or closed. On the one hand, geckos can keep their eyes open while they sleep as part of their natural defense against predators. When a gecko is in a vulnerable position, its eyes remain open, keeping an eye on anything that may pose a threat.

On the other hand, a gecko may also close its eyes when it sleeps. Some geckos are quite comfortable around humans and are used to our presence, so they may choose to close their eyes when they settle in for a nap.

The Benefits of Sleeping with Open Eyes

There are several benefits to sleeping with open eyes. It allows the gecko to remain alert and prepared to flee if necessary. It also helps them to better detect any potential predators that may be in the area. Since geckos are prey animals, this is a critical component of survival.

Additionally, some species of geckos are known to “sleep” with one eye open and one eye closed. This helps them to better survey the environment quickly and accurately at any given time.


In short, geckos can indeed sleep with either their eyes open or closed. Both strategies have their advantages and help geckos to stay safe and alert. While it’s understandable for humans to assume that only animals that close their eyes sleep, this is not the case for geckos.

So the next time you see a gecko, don’t be surprised if it’s snoozing with one eye open!

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