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Do Geese Make Good Pets


Do Geese Make Good Pets?

Geese have long been kept for eggs, meat, or animals for pest or predator control. But have you ever wondered if these popular poultry birds can make good pets?

Generally speaking, geese are known to get along with humans and other animals. They may even become very devoted to their owner, but they do require special care. The following points need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not they make good pets.



    • Geese form strong bonds with their owners and can form strong relationships.


    • They have very expressive personalities.


    • They require minimal grooming and care.


    • Geese are often very sociable animals and get along with other animals.


    • They can provide hours of entertainment.




    • Geese can be very loud and noisy.


    • They can be quite aggressive and territorial.


    • Geese are also highly sensitive birds and can be easily startled.


    • They require a lot of space outdoors and some may need to be caged indoors.


    • They can be expensive to care for and feed.


So, do geese make good pets? It certainly depends on the breed, the owner’s lifestyle, and the individual bird. But it’s important to remember that these birds can also require a lot of attention and can be difficult to look after.

If you’re considering keeping geese as pets, it’s best to research the breed thoroughly before taking the plunge. With adequate care and attention, geese can be wonderful, rewarding pets that will bring you years of joy and companionship.

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