Do gerbils and hamsters get along


Do Gerbils and Hamsters Get Along?

The short answer is: no. Gerbils and hamsters are not typically friendly to one another when put together, and in extreme cases, they can become aggressive and hostile. It is best not to introduce these two species of small rodents to each other.

Why Don’t Gerbils and Hamsters Get Along?

Gerbils and hamsters have different kinds of social relationships. Hamsters typically live alone while gerbils live in groups, which can make them feel uncomfortable when placed in the same cage. In addition, gerbils are active during the day while hamsters are nocturnal, so when they are put together gerbils may try to wake the hamsters up or the hamsters could bother the gerbils while they are sleeping.

Another reason why these two species do not get along is that they do not recognize each other’s scents, so they can become agitated or fearful. Lastly, the gerbils can try to dominate the hamsters, which could lead to fighting, chasing and even biting.

What To Do If They Have Already Been Put Together

If you have already put a hamster and gerbil together, it is important to monitor them closely and separate them if there are any signs of aggression or discomfort. Here are a few tips for ensuring that the animals remain safe in the same living space:

    • Provide plenty of space: Make sure there is plenty of space and hiding spots in the cage, so that each animal can have its own area to retreat to.


    • Provide enrichment: Set up plenty of enrichment opportunities such as toys, hideaways, and climbing features to keep the animals entertained and encourage natural behaviors.


    • Monitor them constantly: Keep an eye on the animals for any signs of aggression and separate them immediately if any aggression presents itself.



It is best to avoid putting gerbils and hamsters together if you want to ensure the happiness and safety of your small pets. If you do decide to put them together, monitor them closely and provide plenty of space and enrichment.

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