Do Gerbils Fart


Do Gerbils Fart?

Do Gerbils Fart Gerbils are super cute, friendly, and inquisitive rodents. Like all mammals, they produce gas; and if you own a gerbil, you may be wondering whether they are capable of letting out a few toots throughout the day!

The Facts

Farting is an inevitable part of life, and yes – gerbils do fart. They don’t do it as frequently as humans, as they have a much faster digestive system, but gerbils do expel gas from time to time. Most of the time their venting is totally odorless, so you won’t have to worry about nasty smells in the gerbil’s habitat!

What Causes Flatulence in Gerbils?

Generally speaking, gerbils fart when their digestive system breaks down complex food particles – such as proteins and cellulose – which they cannot digest. The gas is the result of those particles reacting to stomach and intestinal bacteria, and the frequency of their farts can vary depending on the type of food your gerbil has eaten.

Things that Cause an Increase in Farts

If your gerbil’s diet contains certain foods, it may cause gassiness. Some of these include:

    • Wheat – Wheat is an ingredient that often leads to an increase in farts.


    • Grains – If your gerbil is given too many grains, it can lead to excessive gas production.


    • Seeds – The same goes for too many seeds, as they may cause your gerbil to produce more gas.


How to Prevent Farting

To avoid gassiness, it’s important to give your gerbil a balanced diet. Make sure their food contains plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and limit their intake of wheat, grains, and seeds. You should also make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water.

All in all, gerbils do fart – but they do it much less frequently than humans. If your gerbil’s diet is balanced and there’s no foul smell in their habitat, then your furry friend is probably healthy and happy!

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