do gerbils get lonely

Do Gerbils Get Lonely?

Gerbils are small and incredibly popular furry companions, beloved by people of all ages and households alike. They’re cute and smart little creatures who require lots of love and affection from their owners. But one question many potential owners ask is whether gerbils get lonely and require more than one to guarantee their wellbeing.

Gerbils Need Company

It’s a common misconception that gerbils do not need company and can live alone quite happily. However, this isn’t true! In fact, gerbils benefit significantly from living with other gerbils and can become quite lonely if left alone to much.

Signs Of Gerbil Loneliness

Gerbils are social animals, however they are far less vocal than many other small companions, so spotting signs of loneliness can be more difficult. Some clear signs of loneliness in gerbils include:

  • Decreased Activity: If your gerbil usually loves to explore and is being unusually inactive, this could be a sign that they’re feeling lonely.
  • Lack Of Vocalization: Your gerbil may be more vocal than usual when they are lonely, but usually it’s the opposite and gerbils become increasingly quiet.
  • Excessive Grooming: Loneliness can cause your gerbil to groom excessively, perhaps in an attempt to pass the time.

Gerbil Pairs And Groups

If your gerbil is showing signs of loneliness, pairing them up with another gerbil is ideal. When selecting a possible companion, it’s important to choose one of the same age, depending on the age of your gerbil. Gerbils of different ages can not form strong bonds and can even lead to bullying and fighting.

Having more than two gerbils is also possible, but requires more research and planning. If you decide to have a group of gerbils living together, it’s best to have 3 of more. This will help them to better establish hierarchies and prevent any potential issues from arising between two individuals.

Final Thoughts

Gerbils are delicate and loving companions who do need company and companions if they are to be happy and content. Spotting signs of loneliness in your gerbil can be difficult but is important to ensure their wellbeing. A single gerbil is fine as long as you’re providing plenty of love, attention and enrichment for them to stay happily entertained.

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