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do guinea pigs growl

Do Guinea Pigs Growl?

Guinea pigs are rarely thought of as being a growling animal, yet they do indeed have a vocal range and can make different types of sounds, including grunts and even growls. Most guinea pigs have either a single or a combination of growling, purring, and chirping sounds to react to their environment.

What Does a Guinea Pig Growl Mean?

Growling is usually associated with aggression in many animals, and guinea pigs are no different. A growling guinea pig may be trying to show their dominance or may simply be expressing discomfort. For example, if a guinea pig feels that another animal or person is getting a little too close for comfort, they might growl as a warning.

Growling may also be associated with a type of territorial behavior, and it’s usually a sign that the guinea pig is feeling threatened in some way. If a guinea pig is growling, it’s important to give them some space to make them feel more comfortable.

Other Types of Vocalizations

In addition to growling, guinea pigs can make many other kinds of vocalizations. These may include:

  • Purring: similar to a cat’s purr, a guinea pig purr may indicate comfort and contentment.
  • Chirping: this noise indicates joy, usually when the guinea pig is being petted or is playing.
  • Cooing: guinea pigs will often coo to one another, usually in a gentle, friendly way. It is also a sign of their bonding.
  • Grinding Teeth: a guinea pig may grind its teeth when frustrated, agitated, or excited.
  • Wheeking: this loud squeak is usually made when the guinea pig wants to attract attention from its owner or another animal.


Guinea pigs do indeed have the ability to growl, although this is just one of their many different vocalizations. As long as the growling isn’t too aggressive, it is generally nothing to be concerned about – it just means that the guinea pig needs some space. If the growling is coupled with other aggressive behaviors, it’s best to seek veterinary advice on how to best care for your pet.

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