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Do Guinea Pigs Have Eyelids


Do Guinea Pigs Have Eyelids?

Guinea pigs, or Cavia porcellus, are small, domesticated rodents that originate from South America. They are popular pets, known for their alertness, playful personalities and bright colors. But do guinea pigs have eyelids? Let’s find out.

Eye Structure

Guinea pigs have very interesting eye structure. They have a large round eye with a thin, reddish-colored layer of skin surrounding them. Unlike other rodents, guinea pigs have no external eyelids.

Protective Layer

However, guinea pigs do have a light-colored third eyelid that looks like a waxy coating and helps to protect their eyes from dirt and infections. This protective layer of tissue is located at the inner corner of each eye and is made up of a small vein and muscle.

Benefits of Having No Eyelids

Another interesting fact about guinea pigs is that they have a vestigial nictitating membrane, often referred to as the “third eyelid”. This helps to protect their eyes from debris and infections, as well as provides some hydration to keep the eye moist and functioning properly.


Overall, guinea pigs do not have external eyelids but they do have a protective layer of tissue at the inner corner of their eyes. This tissue helps to protect their eyes from dirt, debris and infections and helps to keep their eyes hydrated. Guinea pigs can still blink to help lessen the irritation caused by dust or other foreign materials, but they cannot completely close their eyes.

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