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Do Guinea Pigs Have Night Vision


Do Guinea Pigs Have Night Vision?

Guinea pigs are the subject of many myths regarding their abilities and features. One of these is: do guinea pigs have night vision? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

What Is Night Vision?

Night vision is the ability of an animal to see in low-light or complete darkness. Some animals have this ability due to specialized eyesight, such as cats and owls. This enables them to see in conditions with limited light.

Do Guinea Pigs Have Special Eyesight?

Guinea pigs do not have special eyesight adapted to night vision. They rely mainly on their peripheral vision. They have the ability to see in both low-light and brightly lit conditions, and they are more active during the day than at night.

What Other Abilities Do Guinea Pigs Possess?

Despite not having night vision, guinea pigs possess several fascinating abilities:

    • Sense of Smell: Guinea pigs have a better sense of smell than humans. They use it to detect food and potential threats.


    • Color Perception: Guinea pigs can see different colors. Their eyesight perceives ultraviolet light, enabling them to recognize patterns.


    • Hearing: Guinea pigs possess exceptional hearing and can detect high frequency sounds.



So, do guinea pigs have night vision? Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. Despite this, they possess several impressive abilities that help them interact with their environment.

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