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Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations


Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations?

Many people ask if their pet guinea pig needs vaccinations, and the answer is yes, in most cases. Vaccines can provide protection for guinea pigs from many serious diseases. Here is an overview of the vaccinations that your guinea pig may need:

1. Myxomatosis Vaccine

This vaccine protects pet guinea pigs from Myxomatosis, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease. It is recommended for all guinea pigs, as there is no cure for the disease.

2. Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 (RHDV2) Vaccine

RHDV2 is a viral disease that is deadly to guinea pigs. The disease is spreading rapidly and it is recommended that all guinea pigs be vaccinated against this virus.

3. Other Vaccines

Other vaccines may be recommended for your guinea pig, depending on their living environment and lifestyle. Your vet may recommend the following vaccines:

    • Pasteurella Vaccine: A vaccine for a bacterial infection that can be dangerous for pet guinea pigs.


    • Bordetella Vaccine: A vaccine that can help protect against respiratory infections.


    • E. Coli Vaccine: A vaccine that can help protect against gastrointestinal infections.


Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations?

Yes, in most cases guinea pigs need vaccinations to help protect them from dangerous diseases. It is important to speak to your vet to discuss the best vaccination protocols for your guinea pig.

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