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Do Guinea Pigs Purr


Do Guinea Pigs Purr?

Do Guinea Pigs Purr Most pet owners know that cats purr when they are content, but do guinea pigs purr too? Although guinea pigs are described in books and other pet owners reports as purring, the answer may depend on how you define purring!

What Makes a Guinea Pig Purr?

Guinea pigs have a range of vocalizations that they use to communicate with other guinea pigs and their humans. Purring is one of the sounds they are known to make, although it is a bit different from the type of purring that cats and other animals make.

When a guinea pig purrs, they make a low trilling or chirping sound. Scientists believe they make this sound when they are content or feeling happy, similar to the way cats purr when they are happy or relaxed.

Purring Is Not the Only Guinea Pig Sound

Guinea pigs also make a variety of other sounds. They can honk, whistle, scream, and make what is known as a ‘wheeking’ sound. Each of thes sounds usually has a different meaning, such as when a guinea pig is in pain, scared, or angry.

How Do I Interpret My Pet’s Purring?

If you think your guinea pig is purring then it is likely that it is feeling comfortable and content. To confirm this, pay attention to your guinea pig’s behavior. If it is cuddled up against you, enjoying a head scratch, or eating a snack then it may be purring.

To make sure your pet is in a good state of contentment, it is important to follow the 5 Welfare Needs. This includes the need for:

    • A suitable environment


    • A good diet


    • The ability to express normal behavior


    • To be housed with, or apart, from other guinea pigs


    • To be protected from pain, suffering, and disease


When these needs are met, guinea pigs are likely to be content and happy – meaning you might well hear a little purring!

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