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do guinea pigs snore

Do Guinea Pigs Snore?

Guinea pigs, with their sweet faces, friendly dispositions and entertaining behavior, can make wonderful animal companions. Guinea pigs are fun to observe, and owners may be surprised to hear their little pets making certain noises. But do guinea pigs actually snore?

The Answer

Technically no, guinea pigs do not snore the same way a human does. However, guinea pigs do make noises that can sound similar to snoring. If your guinea pig makes noises that sound like snores,aka wheeking, your furry little friend is likely just making noises that are absolutely normal for their species.

The Types of Noises Guinea Pigs Make

Guinea pigs make a variety of noises which can range from a low-pitched grunt, to a light “wheek” or whistle-like sound. Common guinea pig noises usually include:

  • Whistling or “wheeking”: Guinea pigs make this noise when they’re excited, especially when they detect something they want, like food.
  • Grunting: This is a common sound a guinea pig might make when they are trying to interact with you, either by rubbing against you or nudging you with their nose.

No matter the pitch, all guinea pig noises are generally quite light and may be difficult to distinguish from one another, so don’t be too alarmed if your guinea pig’s noises sound like snores.


So, to answer the question, do guinea pigs snore? The simple answer is no, guinea pigs do not snore. However, guinea pigs do make noises that may be similar to snores, like “wheeking”. As long as they are walking, eating, and drinking well, these noises are perfectly normal and indicate that your guinea pig is happy and healthy.

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