do hamsters eat meat

What Do Hamsters Eat?

Hamsters are adorable, cuddly creatures that make popular pets. But what do they eat? While it is commonly thought that hamsters are vegetarian animals, they do actually eat both plant-based and meat-based foods.

Hamster Food Groups

Hamsters require a diet that is composed of three food groups:

  • Grains: This includes things like oats, wheat, and barley.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: This includes things like apples, carrots, beans, and potatoes.
  • Protein: This includes things like meat, fish, eggs, and insects.

Do Hamsters Eat Meat?

Yes, hamsters do eat meat. The protein food group should make up a small portion of their overall diet, with insects being the most common source of protein for hamsters. However, some owners did give cooked, lean meats to their hamsters as an occasional treat.


Hamsters require a balanced diet that includes grains, fruits and vegetables, and protein. While they are primarily vegetarian animals, hamsters do eat meat in the form of insects and occasionally cooked, lean meats. Therefore, when feeding your hamster, it is important to provide them with a variety of food that includes all three of these food groups.

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